SMTP Standard Services

The usual services without further notes:

Email Access

Both POP and IMAP protocol are supported, both only via TLS-secured connections.

Mailing Lists

Netwichtig has been providing mailing lists for a while in the past but had to stop due to software issues. Mailing Lists are back now, with pgp-support, through Schleuder. Non-encrypted lists are also planned again, either using Sympa or Mailman.

Current keyid is 51276A643395F3F79126F21D9A4AEC868CDF2EB7.

Spam Filtering

Mainly done in the MTA, as exim is very powerful in that regard, through a combination of (ca. 20, as of 2018) carefully selected DNS lists (e.g. Spamhaus, content scanners, relatively strict adherence to protocol specifications, tarpitting, etc.

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